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Southern Tank Services
1160 Eastport Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32218
(904) 757-3488

Full Service Tank Wash

We strive to provide a thorough and professional wash for all of our customers. All tanks are visually inspected. If we feel additional service is needed, we will contact the customer and if requested will provide photos reflecting areas needing additional service.

We are able to service most products including resins, co-polymers, wax and acrylics. We service Hazmat materials, poisons, marine pollutants and toxic washes. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Standard Services:

  • Stripper Wash
  • Caustic Wash
  • Detergent Wash
  • Cold Water Flush
  • Hot Water Flush
  • Steam & Flush
  • IBC Totes – steel or plastic
  • Steaming of Coils
  • Hopper Bottoms
  • Hoses & Pumps
  • Kosher Washes – Type 1-Type 5
    (Certification Certificate)

Special Services:

  • Alumiabrite for exterior or interior
  • Acid Wash (for stain removal)
  • Applying Nitrogen
  • Diesel Flush
  • Deionizer Rinse
  • Hand Labor/Scrapping Available




Reefer & Box Washout

Never lose a load due to a dirty box. Southern Tank Services provided reefer van and box wash outs. In most cases, we will be able to get you back on the road with minimal down time. All of our box washes include deodorizing and a clean wash receipt to present at time of load out.

ISO Services

Southern Tank yard is 20 acres. Our recently acquired lift allows for us to offer lift off/lift on services. We offer competitive rates and a safe and secure facility. Take advantage of getting all your testing and inspections completed before tank is put back into service. We can also arrange for transport from the port to our facility with our transport partner. As business demands increase we will add chassis to accommodate our customers.

Maintenance Services

TRAM, Tank Repair & Maintenance has been located on Southern Tank’s yard for over 12 years.

From the beginning TRAM has worked with Southern Tank in providing one stop service for our customers. The success of partnering with TRAM has lead to an expansion in their offering including an 1800 office/shop facility that opened 2 years ago. TRAM now has two full service shops that are easily accessible. They still offer 24 hour road call service with three equipped service trucks. The staff is all certified repair technicians and can perform the following tests:

  • Leakage/pressure testing for IBC, 49-CRF 178.705-CRF 178-706, Internal/External visual inspections, VIKT &UC , Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Leakage Testing, Thickness Testing, Bench Testing of Pressure and Vacuum valves, Product hose pressure testing, FDOT inspections, preventive maintenance inspections and FHWA inspections.
  • TRAM services and repairs: Dry Vans, Tankers, Chassis, Containers, Reefers, Class 7 & Class 8 Trucks.
  • Tank Repair and Maintenance Inc is registered with the DOT (CT9812)

For additional questions regarding special services please contact TRAM directly at (904) 619-1018 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terminal Space

Southern Tank is located on 20 acres. Having recently acquired the back 10 acres we have positioned for growth. We are always interested in partnering with our customers and would love to talk with you about your expansion needs in the NE Florida market. Our close proximity to major interstates and roadways, proximity to both port terminals and location make our spot the ideal location for any of your expansion needs. Please contact Keith Parette for a confidential discussion about your expansion efforts and needs at (904) 757-3488.