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Get Your Clean On at Southern Tank Services!

Spring has sprung!  Even though our winter by all accounts was "lite", there is nothing quite like the leaves coming out, the flowers blooming with the bright blue sky as a backdrop and the birds singing!

With everything feeling fresh, it gives you that spring in your step and for some of us that need to clean!  Spring time makes you want to get out of the house, breath the fresh air and when you return back to the house - you want it to have that same "airy" atmosphere! 

At Southern Tankm, we love spring cleaning, so much that we don't just wait for spring, we are continually spucing things up!  Fresh coats of paint, maintenance on our equipment, refreshing memories of safety and good practices in our "cleaning enviroment" all constitute a freshness at our facility! Don't think that because it is April, that is the only time we spruce up our shop - keeping a quality wash, with competitive pricing and a staff that makes a difference is an everyday job! 

Spring cleaning, sprucing up, whatever you want to call it happens everyday at Southern Tank Services.  That is why 16 years later, 5,840 days of spring cleaning, our customers can count on Southern Tank to provide their drivers and equipment with a SAFESECURE and CLEAN facility! 

Spring in to Southern Tank today, get a quality wash, a warm reception and relax knowing that we'll take care of your cleaning needs, not just in April but every day we are open!