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Celebrate with Southern Tank...

Who knew February could have so much going on.... Southern Tank Staff did a little research to make sure our customers are in the know.  There is something for everyone to celebrate from the national holiday "I want a Butterscotch Day" (2/15) to the national "Banana Bread Day" (2/23), "National Pizza Day" (2/9) and we hope you had your tater tots to celebrate national "Tater Tot Day"(2/2).

Of course along the more traditional, if not nationally recognized, we have Ground Hog Day (spring is coming early),  Valentine's Day and President's Day, and let's not forget Mardi Gras.  This list doesn't even tap into all the other special things happening during this month so forgive me if I have failed to mention a holiday that is near and dear to your heart!

Other interesting insights to the month of Februrary (excluding Leap Years)  include the possibility where there may not be a full moon.  It's true!!!!  Of course the last time this phenomena occured was 1999.  However, don't be planning to howl at the moon during February in 2018! With 2016 being a leap year, another cool fact is it is the only month that ends on the same weekday it began - in this case Monday.

While all this is great stuff, I proposed that we also recognize February as the month of HOPE ... hoping that no more snow storms come, hoping that warm weather brings spring time quickly and in turn gets people out buying things, eating, drinking and driving .... all habilts that keep our customers on the road and HOPE that we see your smiling face in our office!  I can't promise that we will have pizza or banana bread or butterscotch but I can promise you that we will have some hot food, friendly faces and we will be celebrating YOU!

Hope to see YOU soon!!!

The Staff of Southern Tank!