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Spring has sprung!  Even though our winter by all accounts was "lite", there is nothing quite like the leaves coming out, the flowers blooming with the bright blue sky as a backdrop and the birds singing!

Who knew February could have so much going on.... Southern Tank Staff did a little research to make sure our customers are in the know.  There is something for everyone to celebrate from the national holiday "I want a Butterscotch Day" (2/15) to the national "Banana Bread Day" (2/23), "National Pizza Day" (2/9) and we hope you had your tater tots to celebrate national "Tater Tot Day"(2/2).

Everyone knows time is money!  When our customers need to deliver they count on all sorts of factors to get products to their customers including traffic headaches.  Sure, you can't always know where the accidents are, though some GPS's have features that alert you to traffic situations, but if you travel a lane on a regular basis your drivers probably know where those long term traffic nightmares are! Save time and money by coming to Southern Tank for your wash needs rather than sitting in traffic, we are located right off of I-295, a great way to avoid the I-95 traffic headaches....